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Learning English As 'Ibadah'..

All praises to our Mighty God , Allah s.w.t. There is no god but Allah. Salawat and Salam be upon our prophet Muhammad pbuh. Salam and greetings to all my brothers and sisters in Islam.

Amma ba’du.

As we all know , English has become as ‘local’ language to this world. It is widely used in trading, international seminars, education and many more. English also is preferred by most upper class Muslims and compared to us Muslims, number of non-Muslims that love to use English as their daily language rather than their own language is like 1:100 (Muslim : non Muslim). The ratio is just to say that number of Muslims who love to use English

I’m not saying that we should abandon our own language, what I’m trying to say that English is the more preferred medium by those non-Muslims and upper class Muslims . as to increase our audience for ‘dakwah’ and ‘islah’ (for Muslims) it is wise to say that English is compulsory for us as modern da’ie right? And I think it is best to describe that learning English as ibadah since our purpose of learning it is for islam and we all know all deeds are based on our intentions right?

Me myself realize that I’m just average in this language but one should remember that one running child comes from one baby that crawl right. So hopefully for my first article in English medium, forgive me for any grammar or whatever typo mistakes that I accidentally did while writing this article. I take this as a first step to improve myself in English and also hope my brothers and sisters in Islam can do so as well.

Lastly, let us all deliver our wise article globally since nowadays is the age of human who love dealing with ‘wise tongue’ or we can say that let’s play their game with the guidance of al-quran and as-sunnah.

That’s all for my short article. I’ll increase more my vocabularies and knowledge for better articles in the future insya Allah.

Wassalam-Dipetik dari Muslimdialouge Forum.

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